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St Mary's, 1994

St John's, Charlton Charlton St John seen from the churchyard, approx 1995   

St John's now stands beside the main Shaftesbury to Salisbury road, where its twin towers are clearly visible to travellers as they pass.   Until the mid 19th century, it stood about a quarter-mile to the south, amongst the houses of the village itself.   However, it needed a lot of repair and the decision was taken to remove it up the hill, away from the dwellings to near the new Victorian village school.
I believe the old chapel had two bells, which were melted down and recast into one.   There is a picture of the chapel in 1837 on the website which you should go to for further information.   The drawing itself is believed to have been done by William WALKER, (b. c.1789 - d. 1843) of Shaftesbury.
The new chapel was erected, it would seem, in 1838, as a second drawing from Church Plans on Line shows.   

There is one bell, cast in 1839, with the note of C#.   It bears the inscription "W JEFFERIES FECIT BRISTOL 1839".   Bell enthusiasts may click on this link Bell close up   to view several pictures of the bell and its fittings.
For 3 pictures of the church itself, click on this link. Charlton St John seen from the churchyard, approx 1995
Please note that there is another Charlton in Wiltshire, with a St John the Baptist church, which is near Malmesbury. That church has 6 bells!

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