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The Christmas Dinner Outing, 19th August 2006.

An enjoyable day out organised by Roy, who went to a lot of trouble delegating the timetable, the churches and devising the quiz questions.   Thanks Liz!.   We bobbed like ducks at Nunney, and kept our balance on the sloping floor (glad this was before lunch).   Then met the puppets at Leigh, and avoided defenestration.   A fun picnic at the Railway and a pleasant half hour being engine drivers and guards, then on to Wanstrow for this "7-bell ring".   Batcombe were lovely but slow bells, where the heavier weights were appreciated by some but practically polished off others.   Bruton, where we nervously caught hold so that we might ring as well as we could, are bells 2 and a half times heavier than what we are used to.   However, after a few moments to get used to them, we rang rounds and finished with Reverse Canterbury.

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First Doubles Quarter, 10th June 2005.

To celebrate Julie's birthday, she rang the tenor in our monthly quarter peal attempt.    At her request, we chose only Society of Donhead Ringers to be in the band (usually we have at least one "expert" from outside to keep us right) and off we set at 7.30 pm that Friday.    A long time later, as Julie likes to ring the tenor quite steadily, we came back into rounds and the smiles said it all. Well done also to Gerry on treble for steady and secure ringing; to Kelly for keeping her bell well struck and for keeping going through the "statutory" wobble just before the end without batting an eyelid; and to Liz and Roy for providing the strong backbone throughout the quarter.

From left to right: Christopher, Liz, Julie, Roy. Kelly, Gerry.
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