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St Mary's, 1994

St Mary's Donhead St Mary seen from the churchyard, Sep 2004

This church holds 6 bells, of which the oldest was cast by Wells of Aldbourn in the 18th century. The other bells were recast in the 19th and 20th centuries. In due course of time, I shall add to this site details of the bells, weights, notes, inscriptions and the ringers who have rung them over recorded history. The key note is G and the weight of our tenor, the heaviest bell in the tower, is 9 cwt and 10 lbs.

Access is by a beautful and unusual wooden staircase at the back of the church, with extensive views along the nave from the top, being, as it is, virtually at roof height.

St John's, Charlton Charlton St John seen from the churchyard, approx 1995   

Our other church, St John's, is a chapel of ease, and stands on the main Shaftesbury to Salisbury road. It was rebuilt in the mid 19th century, when its two bells were melted down and recast into one.

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